How does Ardhisasa work?

Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows citizens, other stakeholders and interested parties to interact with land information and processes. It seeks to resolve the historical problems experienced by landowners and investors when undertaking paper transactions.


  1. Registration

For you to access the ardhisasa website, you first have to register on the website.

The process is different for an individual and a company as follows:

Individual registration

  • Identification details (serial number of your current ID, ID number)
  • Official mobile number (registered using your ID number)
  • Personal e-mail address
  • Set up a password

Company registration

  • Company registration number
  • Official company mobile number (registered using a director’s ID number)
  • Company e-mail address
  • Set up a password
  • Ardhisasa then sends you a username to use on the platform.
  • Login after registration

Log in using the username sent to you and the password you created.

Use the one-time password [OTP] sent to you by ardhisasa to log in.

Note: Ardhisasa sends an OTP for each time you log in

  • Conduct land transactions that you require.

The platform allows all landowners to register property, land transactions, and various other interests in the property on the website including:

  • Land registration – caution, charge, lease, registration of certificates of titles/lease, replacement of title, restriction, search, stamp duty, and transfer;
  • Land administration – pay land rent, subdivision, an extension of the lease, change of user, consent, lease preparation, an extension of the user, renewal of lease;
  • Physical planning transactions – approval of part development plans, planning documents requisition, certificate of compliance;
  • Survey and mapping land – subdivision, amalgamation, new grant, re-survey, sectional property, an extension of the lease, change of user;
  • Land valuation – asset valuation, government leasing, government purchase, estate administration, arbitration;
  • Land adjudication and settlement – adjudication, settlement; and
  • National land commission transactions – land allocation

Note: You need to be careful to input the exact transaction you wish to register so as not to transact mistakenly.

For any transaction to take place, the landowner must upload a copy of the original title to the platform, in the backend the Ministry will validate the application and the landowner can proceed to undertake the transaction.

Currently, all transactions relating to properties in the Nairobi Registry are being processed through Ardhisasa. All other services/transactions are being offered manually.

Alakonya Law Llp remains available for assistance on navigating the platform, all inquiries on the transactions on the platform, and conducting the transactions on the platform. Reach us at or 0746782724.

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